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Every echelon in the Army has what’s called a “METL” (pronounced like “metal”), which stands for Mission Essential Task List. It’s what the Army says you should be trained and proficient in to carry out missions assigned to your unit. Our METL has a handful of tasks. 

Then each of those METs (Mission Essential Tasks) has “Collective Tasks” associated with them. Those are tasks that the Army says at our level we should be able to do as  Company or Platoon Level Element to be able to accomplish the higher level MET. 

Then inside each Collective Task there are “Individual Tasks”. These are the tasks that the Army says for a you to be able to carry out your Collective Tasks each soldier or certain soldiers in key positions need to be able to do. 

Think of it like a pyramid. At the base are all the individual tasks we need to know as soldiers and based on our MOS. If we master those we can put them together at the Platoon and Company levels to achieve our Collective Tasks. If we are good at all the Collective Tasks then when we put multiple Collective Tasks together we can accomplish one of the Mission Essential Tasks for a MAC unit.

You can find our METL by clicking here. This is called a “Crosswalk”. It helps us maximize our training effort by finding Collective and Individual Tasks that overlap, so if we train on one we are training several components of our METs at once.

On the left hand side you will find the METs in bold. Under them are their supporting “Collective Tasks”. Then to the right are all the “Individual” tasks associated with each of those. An X in a box means that Individual Task supports one of our Collective Tasks or METs.

Click the next tab “Find Training Documents” to learn how you can learn more about the standards and steps to accomplish each task.

To start, you will need a CAC enabled computer to get training documents. You can go to our section on how to get a CAC reader working on your computer here.

Platoon Leaders and Platoon Sergeants should be using these as their training guides to train to the standard.

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Look for the button that says “Advanced Search” and click it:

Step 3: Look for the filter that says “All of ATN” and switch it to “Tasks”:

Step 4: Look for the filter for the type of task and select what type of task you are looking for. Most of them will be Individual.

Step 5: Look at the crosswalk spreadsheet and pull the task number for the task you want to find then enter it in the search bar. If you don’t know the task number you can also search by keywords.

Step 6: You should find your search result on a screen that looks like the one below. Click on the task name to view the PDF. Make sure you have pop up blocking disabled.

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