Sapper School

Below you’ll find the requirements for getting into Sapper School and a tab for a Train Up calendar designed by people who have been to Sapper School and are Master Fitness Trainers as well.

To qualify for Sapper School You Must Complete the Following:

    • Attempt (but you don’t have to pass) the Combat Water Survival Test. The 744 will conduct these occasionally for interested candidates.
    • Conduct a 12 mile ruck march with 35lbs (not including water) in under 3 hours.
    • Complete a Ranger/Sapper/Airborne Physical.
      • Step 1: Get approval from you Chain of Command to have one.
      • Step 2: Notify the UA you are approved and they can create a voucher for it.
      • Step 3: Attend the appointment. Bring this sample template with you. The school is very specific on what each block needs to say and be filled out. This was marked up by the school house for me, so I could know exactly what to bring. 
    • Get a memo signed by the Battalion Commander that you have the mental drive, physical fitness, and knowledge to succeed in the course. 744 Command will provide these letters to Soldiers successfully demonstrating these attributes.
    • Must be E-4(P) to O-2.
    • APFT score of 230 with a minimum of 70 in each category.
      • Scoring close to 230 on your APFT historically has led to half the graduation rate of those scoring close to 270 and above and are 7 times more likely to get hurt and medically dropped.

Once you meet all the prerequisites we can add you to a wait list spot. Eventually, you will get into a class.

Have the packing list prepared and ready ahead of time. It can be quite expensive and time consuming to complete. We can provide the packing list once you are in a wait slot.

Follow the train up plan on this page in the mean time.

Make sure your legs are ready to go and strong. You can hand off equipment to someone else if your arms get tired, but no one can give you new legs. You will run in boots, with a ruck, and under load of extra equipment they give the squads everywhere. There’s a about a mile between the classroom, barracks, and chow hall you will run many times. Below is the topography of the 12 mile ruck from when I did the same course at EBOLC if you want to train for it (click on it to enlarge it).

The course consists of two phases with mandatory recycle, which means you will repeat a phase you fail unless you come with a memo from your BC stating you can’t or if you get medically dropped and it would take too long to heal in a reasonable amount of time. The first phase is general subjects. You’ll be mostly around the classroom area and barracks at this time for two weeks. If you successful pass all your Phase 1 tests with enough points or don’t fail for other reasons you move to Phase 2 which is patrolling where you’ll be outside for the majority of it. Each phase is approximately 14 days. 

The following tasks are what they want you to be proficient in to attend. This is what the BC will want to sign off on in his memo:

    • Detect Explosive-Hazard Indicators by Visual Means (052-192-1269)
    • Construct Demolition Firing Systems (052-193-1310)
    • Prime Military Explosives (052-193-1311)
    • Construct Demolition Initiating Systems (052-193-1312)
    • Identify the Characteristics of Military Demolitions and Explosives (052-193-1313)
    • Place Steel-Cutting Charges (052-193-1317)
    • Place Breaching Charges (052-193-1318)
    • Place Cratering Charges (052-193-2018)
    • Move as a Member of a Team (071-COM-0501)
    • Operate Night Vision Device, AN/PVS-14 (071-706-0001)
    • Maintain an M240B Machine Gun (071-025-0001)
    • Perform a Function Check on an M240B Machine Gun (071-025-0002)
    • Maintain an M249 Machine Gun (071-COM-4025)
    • Perform a Function Check on an M249 Machine Gun (071-COM-4026)
    • Employ an M18A1 Claymore Mine (071-325-4427)
    • Initiate a 9-Line Medevac Request (081-833-0283)Analyze Terrain (071-331-0820)
    • Determine the Elevation of a Point on the Ground Using a Map (071-329-1004)
    • Convert Azimuths (071-329-1009)
    • Orient a Map Using an M2 Compass (071-520-0001)
    • Locate an Unknown Point on a Map and on the Ground by Intersection (071-329-1014)
    • Locate an Unknown Point on a Map and on the Ground by Resection (071-329-1015)
    • Determine the Grid Coordinates of a Point on a Military Map (071-COM-1002)
    • Operate the RT1523E SINCGARS ASIP Radio (171-300-0063) 


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