Pay Issues

Don’t let pay issues linger. If you feel you are not getting the right pay you should start with your Unit Administrator. If they are unable to resolve it then you can start a pay inquiry. Read below how to check your LES and start a pay inquiry.

The DoD’s finance and pay teams FAQ’s can be found here

If you are told you need to check your “LES” that is your Leave and Earnings Statement. There is only one place you can get this by yourself and that is the myPay website:

Here’s what you need to know about getting an account on myPay:

    • Accounts are created on the 3rd and 13th of every month.
    • The Tuesday after your account is created you will be emailed a temporary password to login.
    • If you don’t have your temporary password anymore click “Forgot or Need Password”. 
    • You need your temporary password to create an account if you don’t want to use a CAC to login. You use it by clicking on “Create Your myPay Profile. Start Here”.
    • If you have a CAC reader that works, you do not need to make a password. You can wait until the 3rd or 13th for your account to be created them select “Smart Card Login”

Once you are in myPay you will see a left hand column where you can access your LES statements and tax documents:

Under Leave and Earnings Statements select the pay period you want to review then hit “Printer Friendly Version” if you need to download it as a PDF to save, email, or print.

At the very top of the LES there’s a box for Grade and Years of Service. If you think your pay is wrong check those first. That will often be the root cause.

If these are not corrected by your UA or if they are unable to find the source of the issue, start a Pay Inquiry, which can be found on the next tab of this page.

You must try to resolve the pay issue at your unit level first. If you cannot get a satisfactory resolution then you can launch a pay inquiry.

Go to:

If you can’t find an answer in all their FAQs then hit “Submit a Ticket” at the top.

Select the category you issue falls under. Most pay issues would fall under “Pay and Allowances”. Then select the subcategory that most closely relates to your issue.

On the next screen pay attention. It looks like they site is only giving you the option to read more FAQs. However, if you click “Submit Ticket” at the top or scroll to the bottom of the page you will see a form to submit your pay inquiry.

From there DFAS will contact you with their resolution or next steps.

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