Defense Travel System (DTS)

Use the button below to access DTS if you need to fill out an authorization, voucher, or IDT travel voucher. You will need a CAC reader on your device that can access government websites. Otherwise, if you need training on DTS see the instructions below. You must submit a voucher within 5 days of your travel.

Before using DTS you need to know what type of voucher to make:

IDT Travel for Drill Weekend: Local Voucher

TDY Travel or Other Orders: Create an Authorization BEFORE you travel then create a Voucher AFTER you travel to get paid.

The Authorization gets approval for the estimated costs of the trip and then the Voucher is where you put in the actual costs to get paid.

Step 1: Complete your Battle Assembly travel.

Step 2: Wait for your UA to send a Commander’s IDT Memo and the redacted sign in roster. These will need to be uploaded with your voucher. The memo states everyone’s approved milage to travel from and the redacted sign in roster shows your signature with everyone’s SSNs removed.

Step 3: Log into DTS. It will ask you first for which CAC certificate you want to use. Use your non-email one. Then you’ll have to agree to their Privacy and Ethics Policy. You should then see the DTS home screen:

Step 4: Click on “Create New Document” then click on “Local Voucher” as shown below. You may get asked to review your profile if it has been more than 60 days or if you are new to DTS. You can view it or continue without viewing it:

Step 5: For the date, put in the LAST day of Battle Assembly. For purpose put Battle Assembly and select “No” for is this for a conference.

Step 6: Upload your Substantiating Documents (hit the + Add Document Button or upload it to the “Uploads” Section but then you must still add it as a Substantiating Document if you do the latter). The documents you need to upload are your Battle Roster, Redacted Sign-in Roster, and any receipts.

Step 7: Add your Expenses by hitting the Add Expense Button and then select “Mileage Expense” from the screen below if you drove.

Step 8: Then select “Private Vehicle Gov Auth & Avail.”

Step 9: Again enter Battle Assembly for Event Purpose

Step 10: For “From” Select Residence and for “To” Select Duty Station

Step 11: For the next boxes select “One Way Mileage” and enter 1. That helps negate mileage being taken off for commuting to a normal place of work for the Army then leaving for a duty station. In mileage enter what is on the Commander’s IDT Memo. If you need to update it you can use DTS’s distance tool. Then select “Create a Separate Expense for Round Trip”, so that it doubles the miles for the trip there and back by adding your return trip as well.

Your Dashboard should look similar to this with different numbers:

Step 12: Hit continue. On the next screen you have to add an LOA. This will be different for each organization. Ask your UA or what LOA to add. You can search for it and add it.

Step 13: Review the voucher, sign it, and then submit it. Check your .mil email. You’ll get a notice when it is approved or rejected if you need to make changes.

IMPORTANT: Currently the IDT program covers $500 per Battle Assembly but that can be subject to change at any time.

When you travel TDY or on orders other than for Battle Assemblies you’ll usually use an authorization to get the travel approved and then a voucher to get paid when you get back. They look nearly identical, but the voucher will only change when you add in exact costs if something changed during the trip and you will upload all your receipts for things like plane flights or hotels.

Step 1: Create an Authorization by going to Create New Document and selecting “Routine TDY Trip”:

Step 2: Complete the information on the screen below for your trip. Most of it is straight forward and based on your orders. However, when selecting the location know that you can’t always find an installation you are headed to, you may have to select the airport or city you are flying into. For trip purpose select which is most appropriate. Most of the time it is “Training”.

Step 3: The next steps will depend on what you selected for your method of travel and what your orders dictate for where you need to stay.

    • If your orders allow you to fly then you’ll be able to select flights.
    • If your orders allow a hotel you will then see hotel options. If they don’t, then skip lodging and provide a reason like “Military/Barracks Available” if a school house is doing the reservations for you.
    • If you have meals provided then when you select meals for per diem you can only get paid for meals during your travel day or any other days or meals that the location does not provide.

Step 4: Upload your RFO or Orders. Upload the document that your UA or leader gave you that tells you when and where you are going. That will be added on the “Expense” Step under Substantiating Documents. Those must accompany your Authorization Request.

Step 5: Hit continue. On the next screen you have to add an LOA. This will be different for each organization. Ask your UA or what LOA to add. You can search for it and add it.

Step 6: Before you sign and submit your Authorization you’ll need to add comments or justifications. For instance, if you declined lodging you can select why. Below is an example:

Step 7: Review the Authorization, sign it, and then submit it. Check your .mil email. You’ll get a notice when it is approved or rejected if you need to make changes.

Step 8: When you return from your trip and have all your receipts, go into DTS and on “Create Document” on the home screen:

Step 9: If you have approved Authorizations it will ask you which Authorization you want to create a voucher for. Select the correct one for your trip. Adjust any expenses if things changed and then upload ALL your receipts especially any plane tickets, hotels, and authorized rental cars. Then upload your CERTIFIED orders, meaning they’ve been signed by you and an authorized person. Those can all be added under expenses under “Substantiating Documents”. 

IMPORTANT: If you are every unsure, ask one of your Full Time Staff members at the Unit. They can usually help you out. Do it within 5 days of your travel though or your voucher will be late.

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