Award Recommendations

We need you to spot Soldiers that go above and beyond the call of duty, so they can be recognized with awards! Instead of having to fill out a full DA638 Award Recommendation form, we’ve condensed it to just the information we need from you. The rest of the form will be filled out by the unit’s leadership. Do your best to describe why the Soldier deserves the award but don’t let writers block stop you from submitting it. We’d like to know what you observed.

  • Choose the type of award you think best suits the Soldiers actions. Keep in mind when picking an award: An AAM needs to be approved by the Battalion Commander. An ARCOM needs to be approved by the Brigade Commander. An MSM needs to be approved by a 2-star General. A Soldier's Medal can be awarded to any member of the Army that conducts a heroic act while not on duty with the Army at that time.
  • Awards are more likely to get approved if you can show multiple reasons for the award. The award may be related to a single mission, action, or event, but try to find as many supporting reasons as possible within that event. Don't worry too much about grammar. The company leadership team that gets this can help craft it.
  • Try to think of what you would like the award to read. However, don't stop yourself from submitting the award if you are unsure. We've already included a good final line to include at the end of the citation. The company leadership will help craft the response as well.
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