Into the breach

physically Ready.
mentally prepared.

The Commander's Expectations

You will focus on readiness across three domains: physical, mental, and lethal. You cannot go to war with us if you are not physically fit, medically cleared, or don’t know your job. To operate effectively we must focus on the skills that make combat engineers so versatile and lethal. We are a Mobility Augmentation Company (MAC), which means the Army will put us at the tip of the spear, even ahead of the infantry. You are a member of the Profession of Arms and a proud Army Engineer (and part of our tribe regardless of your MOS).  You must be prepared to execute or support our engineer tasks in order to fight and win. Into the Breach!

Contact the Commander: / +1 (801) 793-0649

Contact the 1SG: / +1 (208) 921-4428

Contact the Unit Admin: / +1 (801) 903-3852

What are you looking for?

Click here for a form that will walk you through your rights and options to send a report directly to the Commander or the appropriate person based on the situation and type of reporting you want.

Click here to access our ACE form. You don’t need to memorize everyone in your chain of command’s number. In a couple clicks it will send a text alert to your entire chain of command to help.

Click here to access the contact information for our TEC’s IG offices.

Click here to complete an RST (Rescheduled Training) or EA (Excused Absence) Request. 

Click here to get instructions on setting up a CAC reader on you Mac or PC and how to setup VPN on your personal computer. There’s also a table of commonly accessed sites and it tells you if they work with just a CAC reader or require VPN from home.

Click here to use our drafting tool if you don’t have access to EES from home. A link to EES is provided on the page as well if you do have CAC access from home.

Click here to learn more about the Army’s promotion system for reach rank and what you need to do. Complete a promotion packet online here.

Click here to write a counseling statement without needing Adobe Acrobat PDF reader. You can do it from your phone and you’ll be emailed a filled out PDF.

Click here to download our New Soldier Readiness Packet and coordinate a time to come into the unit to complete it before your first drill.

Click here to visit our medical readiness page. It will show you how to make appointments for each service and how to upload the voucher, so you don’t need to wait until drill to get paid.

Click here to access the TMs (Technical Manuals) to execute soldier level PMCS (Preventative Maintenance Checks and Services)

Click here to fill out a form that will go to the command team. We’ll evaluate the award and write the official document.

Click here to visit our schools page. You can let us know what you what to attend and when you are free.

Click here to visit our MAC (Mobility Augmentation Company) skills page. You’ll learn what tasks the Army mandates we must learn from individual to collective company wide skills.

Click here to leave feedback for the company leadership. We want to know how we’re doing or where we can improve!

Click here to learn how to resolve pay issues, find your LES, or start a pay inquiry.

Click here if you need to request new pieces for your ASU.

Click here if you need new issued equipment. This can include things like your ACH (helmet), cold weather gear, wet weather gear and more.

Click here to find out how to get on the 744’s OML and apply for Sapper School

Click here to upload your training certificate. If the course was eligible for pay the S1 will process it. Always submit training certs from any class you finish, so we can keep a record with the S3 shop.

Click here to find out how to apply for a GTC. All soldiers are expected to have one.

Click here to find out how to login into DTS and how to fill out a voucher for Battle Assemblies or TDY travel and other orders.

Click here fill out a family care plan and learn more about them. All Soldiers with dependents are expected to have one.

Click here to add your name to the LIK roster for each month. Click here if you need to see if you already signed up this month or if you are a PSG checking to see if your soldiers signed up. Click here to review the Statement of Understanding for LIK. This must be reviewed and signed each year.

Click here to download an excel spreadsheet to build you convoy manifest.

Download this powerpoint file to see how to update DTMS properly. Also see “I need to look at my MTOE” to see how to know what soldiers should have what weapons.

Download this powerpoint file to see how to look at your unit’s MTOE to find out what weapons and equipment soldiers need to carry.

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